As the name suggests, we are an MG Owners' Club, but not exclusively all MGs, as we welcome all marques of classic cars and we are affilated to the MG Owners' Club

One of the club's aims is to create an opportunity for people who share a common interest in classic cars to get together, make new friends and contacts. We are a club with a wide age group of members, with many having significant experience of owning and working on classic cars. We recognise that more and more people of all ages are buying classic cars and joining clubs like ours to gain knowledge and experience. Within our club, there is always someone who is willing to help and give advice.

As a club, each year we participate in many official classic car shows and events. In addition to this, club members organise some great day and evening run outs. We even plan weekends away and a club holiday.

We are a very sociable bunch! Following the formal sharing of club information at our monthly meeting we usually participate in a quiz followed by a raffle, in support of the latter, it is normal for club members to bring a small prize to be entered into the raffle. It is also a great opportunity for members to chat, get advice and also have a drink in the subsidised bar.